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The Origin Story

This photo tells the story of KreweCar's beginnings. This is my family. On Thanksgiving day of 2018, my then 5 year old jumped to catch a football and landed awkwardly fracturing his femur. He had a plate and screws put into his leg and was non-weight bearing for a while. We had a ski trip planned for right after Christmas that year and decided to go ahead and go although there wouldn't be much skiing happening. When planning the trip and the logistics, the one thing we didn't focus too much on was getting from the airport garage into the airport. And that was easily THE MOST STRESSFUL part of the journey. We almost changed our minds about going several times before even making it into the airport. I had to put down all the luggage I was carrying to snap this photo. I am glad I did.

I had all the bags. My husband was carrying the car seats which as you know are not light. Our then 2 year old was supposed to be helping our 5 year old in the wheelchair. There was a slight incline going into the airport and I wasn't sure if that was going to be the point where we gave up and went home. We didn't though. We persevered. We made it into the airport. And we were all mad and stressed. We were going on a family vacation. We were supposed to be happy, excited, joyful. But we weren't.

This is when I started thinking...there has to be a better way...surely we are not the only ones in this situation. Maybe the only ones crazy enough to take a 5 year old in a wheelchair and 2 year old snow skiing. But I just knew that this had to be the case for other parents as well. There just are not enough hands to get everything and everyone into the airport without a tremendous amount of stress when vacation is supposed to be the opposite of stressful.

Upon our return to New Orleans, I started researching. And could not find a good option. Uber and Lyft cannot (or should not) transport kids without them being in car seats. The only option when flying someplace is to rent a car when you land and either take car seats with you or rent them. And there's no telling what you'll get when you rent. We have seen lots of very old, very expired car seats. And we have reserved them only to show up and them not be available. Sooooo, I dove into the entrepreneurial endeavor of starting a business to help parents when traveling. KreweCar is a rideshare service with the same type of permit as Uber and Lyft but we operate much differently. We focus on the experience and making sure it's a good one by only hiring the best drivers. In doing so, I realized that people (not just parents with small kids) are also looking for a safer way to travel. We aim to reduce the stress and crazy logistics and make your ride stress free. We can provide the car seats if needed. If you do not need them, we still provide the most amazing drivers.

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