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Safe Rides in New Orleans and Nashville

KreweCar started as a way for families with small kids to get around and travel without having to carry heavy car seats. What we found in the process was that regardless of whether you were traveling with small kids or not, people are looker for a safer, cleaner alternative to the options currently out there. So, that's what we became. A safe ride for your whole krewe. If you are traveling solo or with older kids who don't need car seats or smaller ones who do or traveling with friends or on business, KreweCar is here to provide a safe, reliable ride. Our drivers focus on providing top notch customer service and a clean vehicle. Each driver is thoroughly vetted before being hired by KreweCar. Drivers cannot just submit information online and expect to get hired. We have a hiring process they must go through. We are a rideshare service you can trust. If you have a special request, we can typically accommodate you. Reach out to us at And if you are looking for safe, reliable transportation in New Orleans and/or Nashville, download our app and book a ride with us.

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