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Rideshare Redefined

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Ridesharing - the name doesn't really define what we do. The official name is Transportation Network Company. When Uber and Lyft got started, the rides were actually shared. Now, that is not the case so much. It's not the case at all with KreweCar. We do things differently.

KreweCar focuses on customer service and safety. We also make the logistics of travel easier for families traveling with small kids. Unlike Uber and Lyft, drivers cannot just sign up online and start driving. All of KreweCar's drivers are thoroughly screened. They go through an interview process in addition to having to submit their credentials and undergo a background check. We really strive for all of our customers to have a positive experience. Travel is fun. Travel is exciting. Lots of time is spent planning. Don't let your ride be left to chance. Book a ride with our amazing drivers in New Orleans and Nashville. Start your vacation off right. Let one of our drivers get you to/from the airport. Download our app today.

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