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New Orleans Travel Tips by Bubble Lady Linda Plus Transportation Recommendations

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Being a local transportation service in New Orleans and Nashville, we often get asked by out of town customers what to do while in town. I decided to pose the question to other locals to get more ideas and feel better prepared for the question. So, I asked several friends, fellow small business owners and entrepreneurs what would be their idea of a perfect New Orleans day. I'll share answers with you starting with the one and only, Bubble Lady Linda. If you have not experienced her magic, you are truly missing out. I met her years ago when she was spreading joy at an event in City Park. I immediately booked her for an event KreweCar does at Second Line Brewery annually. She is thoroughly entertaining for kids and adults and will make any party or event magical.

Of course, for all of your transportation needs, we recommend booking rides with KreweCar. Rides must be booked at least 6 hours in advance.



My ideal day in New Orleans starts with a mango lassi and guava cream cheese puff from Pagoda (an adorable, worker-owned cafe!) and a stroll along Bayou Saint John! I love cycling leisurely through City Park and foraging for yummy mulberries from the many trees growing in Couturie Forest! I never miss a chance to watch the gorgeous sunsets in New Orleans, and my favorite place to watch them is from a picnic blanket at The Fly, a grassy park along the Mississippi River. There are always people playing frisbee, cooking out- the vibes are divine!


Bubble Lady Linda is a street performer and playtime facilitator. Using super giant bubbles to interrupt public spaces, Linda invites people to slow down, play, and fill their hearts with wonder! Linda travels a slow, seasonal migration between Chicago and New Orleans, living out of a converted school bus with her two elderly pups! Learn more at


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