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At KreweCar, we elevate the experience of ridesharing. We value the journey as much as the destination doing everything we can to make your ride  enjoyable.

Looking for safe and reliable transportation in New Orleans, Nashville or Charleston? Look no further than KreweCar! We provide the customer service of a private driver with the convenience of ride-sharing. Our rides are scheduled in advance, so you can book your ride and know that a driver will be there to get you at the time you need. 
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Taxi Driver and Passenger
At KreweCar, we go above and beyond to ensure your safety. All drivers are thoroughly vetted before they join our team, including drug screens for added security. Plus, all cars are kept clean so that every trip is comfortable as well as secure! For parents traveling with small children, car seats can also be provided upon request - making it easy to keep everyone safe during their journey. 
KreweCar's advanced booking system combined with personalized rides from trusted drivers provide you with the assurance you need. We understand how important it is for customers to have peace of mind when using rideshare services - which is why we strive hard everyday towards providing an exceptional experience every single time! 
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